September 4, 2013

Why Didn’t My Vision Board Work?

vision boardWhy didn’t my vision board work?
Why didn’t my visualization work?
Why didn’t my meditation work?
and on and on….I get questions like this all of the time.

It is very simple.

You attract what is in alignment with your dominant vibration that you are emitting all the time and you direct it by your dominant attention.

Those things like vision boards, visualization, meditation and all the other “tools” that are suggested are just that….”tools”.

They can be great tools for some people and are there to help you raise your vibration and direct your attention.

However, if you only use these tools for a few minutes everyday and then spend the rest of the time being in vibrations that are lower and directing your attention to things you don’t want, then it will not help you much or probably, at all.

Someone who is dominantly in a high vibration and also dominantly puts their attention on what is wanted regardless of what is happening can set up a vision board and begin to manifest those things.

Another person, who is generally in a lower vibration such as fear, worry, sadness or anxiety and they also generally have their attention on all the things they are worried about puts up a vision board and really, nothing much happens.

You see, it was never the board, itself.

That is just a “tool”.

If however, someone who is pretty neutral in their vibration, creates a vision board and then by looking at it, it makes them feel better and they carry that higher vibration with them for most of the time, they will soon manifest their visions also.

The “tools” are to HELP YOU stay in a higher vibration and keep your attention mostly on what you want.

THAT is what attracts to you all that you get!

Truthfully, it is really simple to be high vibration and to direct your attention to what you want once you are in the habit of it.

Read many of my other posts on this site for more suggestions and also sign up for my free daily email coaching to get even more help.

Kathy Hadley

P.S.  I might add, although a vision board can be a great “tool” to direct your attention, I’ve discovered other techniques that work much faster and more effective and those are the main things I use in my one on one coaching.


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  1. Great post, Kathy! I actually wrote about why Vision Boards don’t work the other day, but from a slightly different angle. You definitely covered some of the things I was going to add to my follow-up post! Vibration is so important.

    I’m currently reading “Money and the Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks because they also tie it to HEALTH. Crazy, huh? :-)
    Amethyst Mahoney recently posted…3 Tips to Overcome Shiny Object SyndromeMy Profile

    • Kathy Hadley says:

      Dear Amethyst,

      Thanks! That is amazing that you posted something similar the other day! I love that Divine Synchronicity!

      And yes, vibration affects everything.

      That is where it all started for me after I was given only 6 months to live over 25 years ago.

      Health, relationships, money, everything gets better the higher vibration you are.


      P.S. I love all of Esther and Jerry Hicks books. :-)

  2. Carolan Ross says:

    Yes, the tools like vision boards and even books and films are all good, but in the end are just tools.
    We use them to raise vibrations and to emote a higher level of FEELINGS. Those genuine joyful emotions and positive energy vibrations, that is what makes a difference.
    Carolan Ross recently posted…How to Tame the Social Media Monster and Boost ProductivityMy Profile

  3. Shay says:

    Kathy, I feel so grateful to have found this.

    I saw a trend on Twitter for #spiritchat and I clicked and you were first up :).

    A lot of what you say is just what I need to hear at the right time. Keeping a positive and loving vibration today :)
    Shay recently posted…Do You Write With Personality?My Profile

  4. Another great post, Kathy. Vision boards are wonderful tools to use as are meditation, visualization, and other techniques to help us align our energies, but if we don’t make it a daily discipline as part of our lifestyle, then one only gets out of it what one puts into it. This requires diligence, cultivation, patience, love, trust, belief, and gratitude. Sometimes people think the tool contains the magic to change their lives.
    Penny McDaniel recently posted…Seven Ways To Become A More Generous PersonMy Profile

    • Kathy Hadley says:

      Dear Penny,

      Exactly! Many people think the “tool” is the end, the solution. When it is merely a possible means to an end.

      And I always tell people, if you can get to the end without the “tool” go for it.

      If the “tool” helps, then go for that, too.

      So often when people tell me that the Law of Attraction didn’t work, what they really mean is they used some tool once and it didn’t work for them. (However, I don’t know how they worked the “tool”.) ;-)

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  5. Toy says:

    Great article with key strategies on how to live LOA beyond the board. Your posts are truly a blessing!

  6. Gena Livings says:

    I Love this post Kathy!

    So true! A vision board is just a tool. While vision boards help to maintain a particular goal in your subconscious the “secret” to achieving your goals is to dream ( by maintaining a high vibration) about positive, focused, and specific goals and then taking the necessary action to achieve those goals.

    Healthy Blessings,
    Gena Livings – Healthy Living
    Gena Livings recently posted…I Intend: Happiness, Peace, Abundance, Love and Well-Being For All!My Profile

    • Kathy Hadley says:

      Dear Gena,

      Yep, it is just a tool. I think a lot of people who think “this stuff doesn’t work” is because they don’t really get what it is all about so think it is the process that does it instead of the process just being a way to help you be higher in vibration and keep focused on what is wanted.

      The tools can be helpful but they are not the Law. The Law works all the time, 24/7, non-stop. The tools help you to align yourself TO the Laws.

      And when you are aligned, if any action need be taken, it will be inspired, it will feel good, it won’t feel like work, you could do it all day, and you are joyful while you do it.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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